The endgame of AI

by Rodolfo Rosini

Human losing a battle against artificial intelligence
Human losing a battle against artificial intelligence, generated using SD on my laptop

We have entered the endgame of AI progress. Companies should have responded to the DeepMind AlphaGo/Zero by appointing a Chief AI person, and mostly did not. With the Bing/OpenAI announcement we have passed a barrier in the narrative, and your board should empower ASAP a team in the company with the sole and explicit purpose to disrupt your core business using AI as much as they can. Because it’s happening. LLMs are the beginning of the end, and there are several more milestones to go (ongoing learning, understanding, robotics) but for a lot of tasks they are good enough, and more importantly they not just help with existing processes, they allow users to do things that were not possible before, and this is a recipe to mess up your business – and if you think you are immune you still can’t assume that your own customers won’t be.

AIs are going to be the main interface we will use to interact with the world. If you are concerned about the dominance of Google Search or Microsoft Windows you have seen nothing yet.

Sure you can regulate or sue left and right, and maybe this will destroy one company, or give you a nice payout for one quarter. But it doesn’t matter. Like Napster did for music the appetite for this tech is high and so are the user benefits, externalities be damned.

When the history of humanity will be written centuries from now the Singularity will be initiated by the invention of the transistor, but only because it will allow us to build AIs.

The joke used to be “it is called AI when it does not work, because when it works it is called something else” and no-one is making this joke anymore.