Good old OnLive

You were the gift that kept on giving. Raised $200m at a valuation of $1.8bn:

July 2011: Cloud-based video games will put pirates out of business

July 2011: OnLive CEO says his pet wireless project has sub-millisecond latency

January 2012: OnLive can turn your iPad into a remote desktop with live-streamed MS Office apps and more

January 2012: Review: The futuristic OnLive Desktop runs Windows apps on the iPad

February 2012: OnLive delivers ridiculously fast web browsing on the iPad

March 2012: OnLive brings its amazing Windows desktop access to Android tablets

October 2012: OnLive’s assets were sold for only $4.8 million

March 2014: OnLive is reborn with IGN founder as chief and two new cloud-based gaming services

April 2015: OnLive will shut down its cloud gaming services and sell assets to Sony

(all these articles were written by one outlet, the only one that would give extensive coverage to OnLive and provide good reviews despite any absence of customer traction or any questioning of the company fundamentals)