How Microsoft contradicts itself

by Rodolfo Rosini


“Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for a mobile-first and cloud-first world, and games are the single biggest digital life category in a mobile-first world.”

Maybe it’s just me but the first part of that sentence is the exact opposite of the second half. Mobile-first and productivity therefore consoles for your living room with games.

Microsoft is a software-first company that caters primarily to enterprise customers. Games and online ads are a distraction on the bottom line and not a strategic objective. Not to mention that they have nothing to do with productivity.

Microsoft is shutting down its non-game content studios after only a few weeks of operations as part of its layoffs.

I have said this many times, Microsoft should merge its Xbox division with Valve and in the process acquire a stake the largest independent app store in the market (Steam). This would enable them to focus on the corporate and services market while having the games managed by a third party that could be free to innovate without having to worry about other Microsoft divisions (apparently infighting was a big issue at Microsoft during the days of stack ranking).

It would automatically give them monopoly status in the following markets: PC gaming, games distribution and the console market. While killing Linux gaming. Not bad.