Trion still hopin’

by Rodolfo Rosini

So Trion is at it again, this time the CEO hoping to beat “triple A console games” (see the Gamasutra article). Which incidentally is nice because they are not competing with console games at all, and they are having their asses kicked multiple times by their MMO competitors and by a weak market for subscription MMOs in general, but Gamasutra does not feel compelled to question Trion’s PR armada apparently. Gamasutra after all, cannot question its advertisers full stop (this is not a criticism by the way, unless users are willing to pay for content this is what they will get, I am sure Gamasutra would love to have awesome content that you can subscribe to ).

Anyway, back to Trion, they are failing in the MMO space (not completely as RIFT players tend to be quite happy and the game is still going) but they keep pushing for their MMO publishing platform dubbed ‘Red Door’.

My guess is that as soon as someone signs up for Red Door, Trion will rush towards an IPO so their shareholders can cash out. It was supposed to be a WoW killer and most were cable companies wanting to have the exclusive for their territory. And that it ain’t.