My new new thing



let me share a story.

I have been researching Artificial Intelligence for few months now. In the 90s it was a buzzword and lot of money was wasted on dubious products sporting various “AI technologies” – usually nothing more than neural network or some fuzzying. It became soon taboo to mention it and the world moved on.

In the academic world however the fire was still burning under the ashes and kept pushing new boundaries in the field. Cheaper computing power, better understanding of the brain, real practical applications made sure to advance the state of AI. New conferences are sprouting up which is usually a sign of money flowing into the market.

I had a vague idea of starting a new game company to develop an MMORPG and was looking at a portfolio of technologies to roll out as “next-gen” features and AI was one of them. Went to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco planning to check out a series of talk (it’s 5 days with 10 events at the same time, completely crazy and impossible to single-man it). I ended up spending all my time at the Artificial Intelligence track. Was captivated by the advancements, the vision of some of the people involved that in the end decided it was going to be the major defining feature of the new game I’m working on.

So there you go, AI is my new new thing. It’s more of a calling than a career change for me.