Whilst in Arrakis

The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow

Month: January, 2008

25 months of cold turkey


The Weather Project (why the fuck didn’t I take any pictures back then???)

so yeah today is a strange common day and at the end of it if feels weird to have been able to train for the first time after two years of constant pain

as a topping on this cake I have read that Olafur Eliasson [text somehow got lost while moving to WordPress]


My new toy


Behold my new gizmo.. the Megadeath Aquatronic Dynodolphin 5000 mp3 Player !!! Well actually it’s just called the Dolphin and it’s an utter piece of crap but since it’s the only waterproof mp3 player in the market one cant be too choosy and cannot wait for the day to go back to heavy training and until then I’m stuck with swimming which I find boring as fuck to use a vernacular.