Whilst in Arrakis

The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow

Month: October, 2005

Penis size and cars

amnesty at which starsailor
played and managed to get in at the afterparty and get totally wasted
there while chatting to a nice swedish girl who first wanted to fuck in
the cloakroom and then she didnt like I care well still bugs me then
went to a lecture at the royal institution of which I even became a member despite being totally unqualified and saw a lot of cool stuff like an original enigma machine
and heard a lot of terrible jokes about mathematicians and astronomers
and the crowd was just made by geezers wearing tuxedo and over 60
except me my friend and an indian girl I was hitting and on my way home
was caught in a huge bikers protest in piccadilly circus and had my
camera. And that’s how i spent my weekend.


Cellfire is hiring

Dear all,
my company, Cellfire, is hiring. All kinds of positions: sales, marketing, tech and engineering. Check out the job specs.


Be seeing you