Food Supplements Directive ban rant

by Rodolfo Rosini

After solving the world hunger, bureaucracy, failing pensions systems

and human rights abuse in prospective members, the EU finally regulates
the dangerous practice of selling vitamins (
“Will somebody please think of the children?”).

Now seems inevitable that The EU will enforce a ban on the 1st of
August on a variety of vitamins and supplements sold in health stores.
I spent sometime reading the EU Food Supplement Directive and the ban
list and my conclusion is that it would be disingenuous to state that
such ban will benefit consumers.
In short, some herbal remedies are illegal on the basis of uncomplete studies or simply by default (such stevia or ephedra), things like monosodium glutamate
is still considered fit for consumption despite it has been linked to
brain damage and obesity BUT the EU is going to protect us by going
into hypervitaminosis – despite the fact that no one really knows for
sure what is the limit anyway.
Moreover such directive will prevent development of alternative medice
(i.e. non-industrial) in the European Union. Quite convienient, I say.

I found this morally wrong and unethical on the part of the civil
servants in charge of protecting consumer’s health. There are several
petitions and actions you can join in your local community. I urge you
to do so.
Fresh & Wild has something going on on the 15th in their stores in London about the directive, go check out.

Be seeing you.

UPDATE: Seems I’m not the only one advocating civil disobedience in face of the ban. Check this (biased) article at Newstarget.