(Almost) Summer Scrumptiousness

by Rodolfo Rosini

(Almost) Summer Scrumptiousness



Dirty yellow-ish shoes 
Good day citizen,

quite eventful spring/summer which culminated with last week’s Mayday Cricket Challenge organized by the Space Hijackers . Essentially a cricket match between anarchists and Members of the British Parliament. Too bad almost no one showed up. I say almostbut the only one who came was a twentysomething fella from the Green Party which is not really a party anyway.



Scoring a point Sunday photographers



Apparently someone told the press, so there was a bunch of extremely rude photographers with a hottie scuttling around the pitch for a pic.



Big is beautiful



Apparently, big asses are in again.


End of the match 

I was there as a proud representative of the entrepreneurial branch of capitalism, but I got bored soon thereafter. I even did a video, will post here at some point.






1984: The Opera


The Opera House @ Covent Garden just premiered 1984: The Opera . Really cool idea, it runs until the 18th of May but the tickets are around 50 quid a piece, event the shitty seating. Lame.




Bloc Party: Silent Alarm 


Listening to Bloc Party a lot. It’s good. Go get it. They are playing London (Somerset House) on the 12th of July.

Be seeing you