Whilst in Arrakis

The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow

Month: September, 2004

London Fashion Week

I’ve managed to miss al the LFW parties this week. Fuck. Maybe I’m gonna win a prize for that.

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival 

Went to the Notting Hill Carnival but had a bad hangover and my friends were continuously offering beer but i couldn’t take it so i got some goat meat with curry and beans which wasn’t bad but everyone was uuuhhh-ing and eeehh-ing about it but i didn’t give a toss and then there was this english girl from jamaica who had icy hands and kept touching people and the weather was miserable but what do you expect from london anyway so we decided to leave and then we went out but i don’t remember anything else.

me at the notting hill carnival

Oh yeah at the festival there were some brazilian guys doing capoeira so i jumped in but i got so embarassed because there were a shitload of people watching me and instantly forgot anything about capoeira and almost froze and made a fool of myself and the guy got annoyed and threw me our from the hoda (the ring).



me trying to do some capoeira