Summer of 2004

by Rodolfo Rosini

Been fashionably busy this summer in London. Couple of festivals, like the Japanese Food & Drink fest, the Soho Sunday and of course the best party of the year: the Circle Line Party!!!

The CLP3 was massive. I spent the whole afternoon before the pary peeling cucumbers and looking for some fresh mint (which I was unable to find to I had to resort to sugar-free polo mints) and plastic gloves to be able to prepare a decent Pimm’s on the Tube.

The train made it only to Sloane Sq. where apparently the whole London section of the British Transport Police on duty that evening converged to block the pary (attempted to is more correct) and disperse the crowd (900-strong). At that point I promptly removed my Hawaiian t-shirt and flower necklace, grabbed my cocktail and tried to explain (in my best annoyed posh impression) to an officer that I was being delayed for my Polo match.

Sadly my friend freaked out when she saw tha amount of plice that was there so we had to leave because she didn’t wanted to get arrested (as if???).

The party went on in the square, then moved to Spitalfield and Whitechapel.

Check the official webiste of the Circle Line Parties 


I was impressed that with my new diet and capoeira I was bulking up nicely. My shirts felt tighter than before. Fuck, they also looked shorter – so I wasn’t simply beefing up, but also growing in height! Neato. That was till my flatmate pointed out I was doing my washing up at a very high temperature and all my clothes were shrinking..