Half masonry, half pain

by Rodolfo Rosini

Half masonry, Half pain 

(from London 1941 by Mervyn Peake) 

Wat the fuck is going on in London these days?

Apparently loads of stuff, I just missed the Dog Bonfire concert @ the Metro in Oxford Street. Anyway I’m listening to the Trash Clubfeed (you will need RealPlayer), the club play electro-shit on monday, worth checking out.

[UPDATE: the stream is really good.] 

The feed:


boots and fuchsia tights 


– On Saturday 28 from 13:30 to 16:00 here’s the Greater London Linux Dorks meeting at Westminster Uni. Full details here


– On the same day starting at 20:00 it’s “Peer to Peer” meeting @ Dogstar in Coldharbor Lane (Brixton tube station)

– On Sunday, being February the 29th, looks like that it’s the only day if you’re a woman you can propose to your boyfriend (girlfriend?). This is sad.

– Toastmaster on tuesday
I suspect it’s just an excuse to get drunk in a pub.

– Random parties around the northern hemisphere organized by Evan @ Nightfiles


– Next weekend there’s Etheral, an event on electro/synth music at the Royal Festival Hall

(then there’s UnCon and 2600)

Anyway I just read an hilarious piece of humor (passed as news). A guy who sexually assaulted a 10-year old girl is claiming (actually is his lawyer saying that) that “There is a possibility that the girl somehow obtained some semen from this defendant on her thigh, naked as she was on the grass, that did not come from her attacker.” Beautiful,I just wanted to be there just to see the face of the jurors – if someone was on the verge to burst into a laughter. Here’s the BBC report:

For the less geeky there’s still hope. Hand to your wallets ’cause there’s the Sleeping Beauty at theRoyal Opera House in Covent Garden starting in a few hours.

Sleeping Beauty guy



I have’t updated this fucking website for over a year now, so don’t expect news so soon. I do believe history is made in some places, mainly San Francisco and London. There’s so much to do and so little time that I always forget to update my blog.

Be seeing you.