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The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow

Month: December, 2002

Holidays… (2)

started again fitness. After that walked into an “eat as much as u want” japanese restaurant. I fasted 24 hrs before that, guess the owner is quite serious about rising prices after my visit.. In other news saw “2 towers” (Lord of the Rings’ sequel), mind-blowing and awesome (here my dictionary is quite under stress to describe it). A must.
See u l8,



me with a weird latex mask and some make-up at the dorkbot party Fuck it too much partying these days – do not even have time to read my email. Hope u r cool. On Sat 14 there’s Santacon in the West End in London, plus next week some weird shit going on at Limehouse. Check the pictures from the previous party:

Al’s photo

Evan’s photo 

Twenteeth Century’s photo 

Enjoy, as usual.