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Month: November, 2002

Dragonmeet 2002

Next weekend is going to be a double event: Dragonmeet and Dorkstock Europe. The former is a roleplaying game convention and the other, well, just fuggedboutit (it’s a meeting for geeks who are also dorks.. no comment).

There’s also a meeting of Ars Magica fans, it’s scheduled at 0400pm near the bar. See you there.


Think global, eat low cal (2)

A friend of mine has just opened this new forum, check out r0gue’s Plan B. It’s about music, graphics, 3d and whatever related in the London area. Enjoy.

PS. Just come back from the cinema. Saw “Donnie Darko“, probably the best movie of the year – it’s worth your money.

Think global, eat low cal

Dear all,

I have (sort of) just come to realize that it’s impossible to have a life and keep updated a blog. So, get a life and don’t expect more than a monthly update.

In the meantime, enjoy your time by reading a good book. Try “Brave New World” By A. Huxley.

See ya