Anarchy in the UK

by Rodolfo Rosini

Tomorrow I’m going to the Anarchist Bookfair. There’s also a commie band called Chumbawamba performing (but it’s going to be a 6 quid entrance fee, so fuck off and I’m probably squatting in there).


fast relief from authority

From their website: “The very first Anarchist Bookfair was in 1981. It’s happened every year since, getting bigger and better each time. This is our 21st Anarchist Bookfair and it is the largest and most important regular gathering of Anarchists in the world. It reflects the full range of Anarchist groups, publishers and activity. Alongside the day length Bookfair, where you can get the latest books, pamphlets, magazines and all the other stuff, there are continual meetings and discussions on all aspects of anarchist activity. These are open to all. Through the day there is a professionally run creche, a bar and hot food.”

See u there. I am drunk.