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The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow

Month: October, 2002

Anarchy in the UK

Tomorrow I’m going to the Anarchist Bookfair. There’s also a commie band called Chumbawamba performing (but it’s going to be a 6 quid entrance fee, so fuck off and I’m probably squatting in there).


fast relief from authority

From their website: “The very first Anarchist Bookfair was in 1981. It’s happened every year since, getting bigger and better each time. This is our 21st Anarchist Bookfair and it is the largest and most important regular gathering of Anarchists in the world. It reflects the full range of Anarchist groups, publishers and activity. Alongside the day length Bookfair, where you can get the latest books, pamphlets, magazines and all the other stuff, there are continual meetings and discussions on all aspects of anarchist activity. These are open to all. Through the day there is a professionally run creche, a bar and hot food.”

See u there. I am drunk.



I am an ugly pig! My friend Jacopo is having a party. Next friday. Location TBA soon. If you have what it takes to be invited (like charme, and are a great conversationist). Drop Jacopo a line!
If you’ve never been to one of his party, I am very sorry for you! Try not to lose this terrific chance.Plus: tonight on British TV a special about the evils of Nerve.com -unmissable!-

English cuisine? Non!

Just walked out from an Italian restaurant in Soho. I’ve been in bed for one week after getting an intoxication from the friendly Chinese take-away down the road of my house (I’m sure it was Bacillus Cereus , A.K.A. “be serious” :-).
I would never had though before how I could be eager to eat badly cooked pasta with a lame , ‘carbonara’ sauce (bacon instead of pancetta??? geez! And cream instead of eggs??? bleargh!). But the ‘Fegato alla Veneziana’ (liver sauted with wine and onions) was great. Kudos to the cook.

I had to wake up from my bed and forget about my illness to get into the poshiest place in town. On friday night there was a meeting of the Creative Fight Club in London. The place was the terrace of the Pearson building; it’s near embankment and the view is simply breathtaking – you can see all over the river and down the parliament and the Eye ! Too bad I did’t have a camera.


The meeting was about the self-celebration on a flash guru (the guy who does the Adobe website). He’s also written a book, MTIV: Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer . Read the reviews before consider buying it!. MTIV cover 

’nuff said.

PS. Holy shit! There’s been an bomb blast in -fucking- Helsinki. What’s wrong with some people?

A letter from a friend

Today I received this letter from a friend. Enjoy :-).

Europe rulez. By chance today me and Jacopo were deeply discussing, telling ourselves when we were children how [Japanese] cartoons provided us all the capabilities to feel emotions and the values we still have today. We quietly reflected about it for a while and we fell in a gravely silence. Then luckyly we said: at least Rodolfo’s worse. As I was previously saying you truly are a reference point.

A. ciao,

It’s good when your friends thinks about you as a reference point for their discussions, isn’t it?