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The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow

Month: January, 2002


A great conference on P2P is going organized in San Francisco in February. It’s held @ jwz’s place – the DNA Lounge.

The conference is centered about several interesting topics, and I’d really like to attend there. Check out its website

CDC is planning to release some code and other technologies related to file sharing are going to be present. Too bad there isn’t anything related to ecommerce such as an implementation of auction protocols on P2P networks.


Rodolfo’s “Weekend of Shame” LAN Party

This weekend I’m gonna put up a LAN party. So far everyone is invited, but be sure to check if you have everything with you:



  • pc or laptop with a network card
  • monitor
  • network cables (CAT 5)
  • enough power cables
  • your own CD (OS and games)


We plan to cover 30 hours of gaming, with focus on Q3A, C&C, and possibly Diablo2 and Baldur’s Gate 2. For the terminally ill, there is a PS2 with Tekken Tag Tournament.

The LAN party starts at 0800PM Berlin Time on Saturday 5 January and goes through Monday morning (but probably everyone will pack on Sunday afternoon).

There are a couple of beds available for resting. If you plan to stay overnight don’t forget to bring your own sleeping bag and a toothbrush (Cheerios tend to stick a lot).

Since there is a significant amount of work involved, there is an admission fee of 5 Kilos/litres. Sure, you read correctly, just bring a mix of 5 units of drinks and foods and you’ll be grated entrance. If you bring strong alcohol the level of admission is significantly lower (and just in case if you were wondering, bodily fluids dose not counts).

I have ordered some nice additives from ThinkGeek, so staying awake should not be a problem.

NOTE: if someone has a WLAN, please bring it because there is no broadband connection available, just dial-up.